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** BLOG TOUR ** REVIEW ** EXCERPT ** Lovefools by Avery Hale

Author: Avery Hale
Title: Lovefools, (Fools in Love Series, Book 1)
Genre:  A New Adult Contemporary Romance
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We are all fools in love. Twenty-two year old Phinegan Swift is no exception to that rule.  In fact, she’s been accused of being a certifiable lovefool.  But she’s proud to wear her heart on her sleeve and risk it all for love.

That is, until her high-powered lawyer boyfriend betrays her, breaks her heart, and causes her to question everything she ever believed in.  Devastated by his betrayal, Phin escapes to Costa Rica for a week with her best gal pal, hoping to give her heart a chance to heal.

Dez—a foul-mouthed, man-eating sex-pot—makes it her mission to distract Phin from her breakup woes with a healthy dose of sun, fun,…and Costa Rican man-candy.

But the only man who catches Phin’s eye is a handsome and mysterious stranger she meets at the airport.
Byron is a guy whose angle Phin just can't figure out.  All she knows is that he’s a thief... First, he tries to steal her luggage. Then, he tries to steals her massage.  Finally, he tries to steal her heart.

But Byron has his own secrets—the real reason he’s in Costa Rica being one of them.  When Phin uncovers his duplicity, she is faced with yet another heartbreak.
Things take a dramatic turn when a ghost from Phin’s past resurfaces to win her back...or so he claims.
Will Phin learn to believe in love again…or will love play her like a fool?

 I dipped my ears under the water and could hear the thunder and the muted echoes of the rain plopping on the pool’s surface, but nothing else.
The sky grew even darker. There was darkness above me and all around. Even the water looked black. I was floating in a void, wishing for a whirlpool to swallow me up as I started feeling the ache again. The sharp blade that stabbed me in the heart and twisted with cruelty, every single time I tried to forget it. The pain that should’ve killed me days ago, except my stubborn, stupid body kept
insisting on breathing, my heart kept beating, though I no longer knew what for.
I closed my eyes, replacing the darkness with more darkness. Except this blackness felt empty, just like me.
Had he thought of me since the day he shattered my world into a million pieces? Did he feel as terrible as I did? Did he care that I was hurting? That heartless, soulless bastard…whom I loved.

Lovefools is a sweet, sexy, perfect little summertime read.

This story follows Phinegan Swift, (just love her name, nice and different, not run-of-the-mill) who has just, and I mean like, really recent, broken up with her high powered lawyer boyfriend, who is, in my opinion, a complete douche bag, and her best friend Dez, who I just loved - everyone needs a friend like Dez, as they go on their week-long vacation to Costa-Rica which they have scrimped and saved for, for over a year.

" …. I simply couldn’t get myself to give a shit about going a week without clean underwear."

Phin meets the hot but mysterious Bryon at the airport, who throughout her time in Costa Rica, can't seem to grasp what it is about him that consumes her thoughts when she's grieving over the end of her long term relationship.

"My peripheral vision caught Dez's jaw drop open and her tongue rolling out of her mouth and onto the floor. Who could blame her? The guy was a ten on the Richter scale, a ten million on the Scoville scale, and the top of whatever other kind of scale there was."

Now normally, the internal monologue that occurs in these types of situations annoys the crap out of me, but thankfully, here it did not.  It was well written, and not boring, like many other books have done with the internal voices of the characters. I think it helped that the storyline contained a situation that I think most could relate to - well, for those who have experienced getting their hearts broken. Questions like: What did I do wrong? Why didn’t I see it? What's wrong with me? Why wasn't I good enough? Those types of questions would be normal in that type of situation and having hot, mysterious Bryon popping up at every turn on a week away from the crap that your life had turned into could be unsettling. Well, I would think so.

And Byron. Well, what can I say? The guy was HAWT, and I, like Dez would be telling my friend to jump on board and take a ride. Not necessarily, on Bryon, cause HELLO we are in Costa Rica and Avery paints a lovely picture of eye-candy galore!! Stuff, pining over douchebag Dougie. Take life by the horns and get a little holiday loving to refresh the batteries. Haha. :)

It moves a little fast for me, feelings wise, towards the end, but other than that a great little summer story for sitting by the pool or by the beach drinking cocktails.

 This was a great book from Avery, and I'm looking forward to more awesomeness from this new upcoming author :)
**I received a copy of the book for an honest review**

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“Take it from me—love is a bitch. The biggest bitch you’ll ever meet. So it’s best to stay out of her way.” - Dez, Lovefools by Avery Hale

Avery Hale is a small town girl who lives in the big city of Chicago.  She holds down a day job and spends the rest of her time cooking, laughing, yoga-ing…and, of course, indulging in her ridiculous obsession with love stories!  She writes Romance and YA Paranormal (under the pen name Jane Lively.)

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